Bromeliad – an energetic and handsome youngster, looking to invest in staying together for long. Most eye-catching is undoubtedly their brightly coloured, large flowers which grow like a flame from the heart of the plant. These flowers can have the most gorgeous colours: red, yellow, orange, purple and even bi-coloured.

You must enjoy them when they are here. The Bromeliad is quite stubborn and only flowers once but then does it with a unique energy. It can flower from three to six months.

Even though its appearance suggests that it requires significant attention and care, nothing could be further from the truth. The Bromeliad is a strong and masculine natural beauty. Absolutely not a greenhouse plant: give it a place in the light (but not in full sun!) and regular watering (water into the sepal) and it will be happy. It doesn’t need any treats such as plant food, but you could surprise it with a shower from your plant spray on a warm day!

Easy mentality

The Bromeliad’s easy mentality is probably due to the circumstances that its ancestors had to deal with. They had to cope with the rough Andes terrain as well as the jungles of Uruguay. There the Bromeliad grows literally on the trees and takes moisture and food out of the air through its roots and leaves. But the Bromeliad is also known as a world traveller: you will find them all over middle and South America. Each very handsome, they have all easily adapted to their local circumstances.


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