Delicate herbs and potted plants need special winter protection measures

In order to avoid frost damage, the root zone and near-ground shoot buds need to be covered. The main materials are provided by nature, namely, needle sticks and fall leaves. The leaves can be piled high and needle sticks are also suitable for covering. For larger plants, the sticks can also be stuck in the ground around the plant. One tightly pack them around the crowns neck and tie them firmly with a ribbon.
The root ball of overwintering potted plants can be isolated well by placing Styrofoam in the bottom and wrapping the pot with bubble wrap and mats made of sisal, coir, jute or fleece.

In addition to freezing temperatures, on clear winter days, trees are also threatened by the blazing winter sun. The aboveground plant parts thaw and evaporate water. However, since the ground is frozen, the roots can not absorb water and the plant dries out. This is especially true for evergreen plants such as boxwood and rhododendron but also roses.
The crowns of phylums are wrapped for shading with garden fleece. The tying together of large ornamental grasses preserves the new future growth from frost and wetness. Loose tying is also a good winter protection for columnar trees and bamboo plants.


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