The Peace Lily belongs to the Araceae (arum) family, just like the Flamingo Flower and Zantedeschia, because of the similarities in their structures. We know of at least 50 different cultivars of Peace Lily, which almost all have white flowers and are occasionally a little green. Breeders try to develop as many flowers as possible or really large flowers.

The number of flowers and the size of the flower must be in proportion with the plant crop. The leaves are lovely and green, apart from a few colourful cultivars. The difference between the cultivars can be seen by looking at the plant, leaf and flower size. Nowadays we also see plants with dyed flowers.

Care tips

The Peace Lily is an easy care product. The plant prefers a light position, out of the bright sunshine with a temperature of 18-22 °C. Give the plant regular lukewarm water. If the leaves are starting to wilt, the root ball has dried out. The plant loves a regular spray with lukewarm water, as well as plant food.  Regular removal of dead flowers is also recommended. To bring the plant into flower year after year, a winter rest period is necessary. Place the plant in an area with a temperature of around 15 °C, for six to eight weeks in a light position and it will soon flourish again. In the summer, the plant can go in the garden or on the patio, but watch out for bright sun.


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