The autumn colour palette provides the perfect backdrop for a wonderful Halloween party with your family and friends. Combine the scariness with something green and real, and use plants in your decorations

The festivities can start right at the front door, where guests can be greeted by beautiful Halloween arrangements with, for example, Kalanchoe and Solanum, Hebe and Capsicum, flanked by lanterns and decorative pumpkins.

Bring the pleasant atmosphere of nature indoors, and use plants to decorate inside the house, too. And it need not be just for the party, because plants have the advantage of being able to hold and retain a festive and cosy atmosphere for a long time.

Create a Halloween corner

You could for example decorate a cosy Halloween corner for the children, where the youngest can sit and play in the company of plants used in new and fun ways. Place pots of Kalanchoe and Cyclamen in wicker baskets with handles and hang them up on the coat rack, and create some fine small arrangements with Capsicum in beautiful colours.

Table decorations with mini-plants

Table decorations are an important part of the celebration, and should reflect the occasion, the season and the atmosphere. Mini-plants are perfect for this purpose, and can be used in countless ways, both in arrangements and individually, to provide a pleasant, personalised greeting at each place setting.

You could for example place an orange mini-Chrysanthemum on the plate, and decorate with Physalis, groundcherry and yellow berries. This is quick and easy to do, and gives a very decorative result.

A dish with various mini-plants in shades of orange, such as roses, Kalanchoe and Solanum, provides a beautiful and elegant table decoration. Green and orange decorative pumpkins can be placed between the plants.

A head on a platter

You could also let the Halloween pumpkin theme provide the starting-point for the table decorations, and plant orange Solanum in a hollowed-out pumpkin head. Arrange it on a platter, perhaps of silver, and decorate with apples, pears or other fresh fruit from the garden, together with cut Capsicum fruits.

Let yourself be inspired by the many plant ideas, and make your Halloween celebration something really special! Source: Floradania


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