Dare to confess color! Codiaeum, brings variety to your home with overwhelmingly colored leaves. Pointed with speckles, with oval leaves in green, yellow, orange, pink, red or a combination of these colors: Codiaeum has it all. Plus extensive variations in size and branching. One thing is for sure: It will not be boring!

East Asia

In the wild Codiaeum occurs in East Asia. There the plant grows in many cases to a meter-high shrub. We owe the great variety of colors and shapes of the leaves to the fact that the species can be easily crossed with each other.

No high demands

In terms of care, this green rebel does not have high demands. Keep it moist in spring and summer, moderately water the rest of the year. In the growth phase add some fertilizer to the water from time to time. Room temperature is just right and not too dry air. From time to time spray with water and wipe the leaves regularly with a damp cloth. This 3works wonders in any case.

Lots of light

The expression of the special character of Codiaeum stands and falls with sufficient light. In this respect, their unpretentiousness reaches its limits. This means that the leaves will show fewer and fewer colors. So if you have enough light, Codiaeum guarantees color and adventure. And your life together is guaranteed not to be boring.


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