It’s a good turn, and community-minded, for neighbours to help each other out. But is also a delicate balance not to impose on your neighbour too much. Luckily, there are houseplants that are so easy to care for that your neighbours will only need to drop in once in a while during your vacation  As an added plus, the leafy creatures create a pleasant and fresh indoor environment to greet you when you arrive home refreshed and relaxed from a vacation.


Within the group of green plants, succulents are one type that can tolerate drying out between waterings. These decorative and lush plants store water in fleshy leaves, which gives them resilience when the family is away on holiday.

Minimal care

Echeveria, a rosette succulent, can easily cope with a whole summer holiday without much looking after. In fact, it is important that Echeveria is allowed to dry out thoroughly between waterings, if you want to keep it from withering. For this reason Echeveria also suitable for holiday homes, where it can fend for itself for shorter or longer periods.


Peperomia or radiator plant is another group of decorative green plants that do not mind being left to themselves for a while. Peperomia thrives best in a bright place, but does not tolerate direct sunlight. The soil should be kept evenly moist, but not sopping wet – so here, too, your neighbour will not be overburdened with extra chores.

Hardy and popular

Plants like Sansevieria, mother-in-law’s tongue, can cope with up to a month without water, while the popular Phalaenopsis orchid can easily survive a holiday period with water once a week.

Colourful elements

One of the more colourful suggestions for easy holiday plants is Tradescantia, with its characteristic and beautiful variegated leaves in several colour varieties. This is a durable and easy potted plant, which has no problem being alone home for a longer period.

So if you have chosen to populate your house with plants that are easy to care for, looking after them will not get in the way of your holiday dreams, and you can go away with a clear conscience – both with regard to your houseplants and your neighbours. (Floradania)


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