Summer vacation offers sun and the promise of good weather. For most people summer vacation is just a few short weeks of relaxation before the daily grind starts up again. But if you have a garden or balcony, you can feel like you’re on vacation even after coming home from a day at work. Best of all, you don’t even have to bother with the hassle of travel to feel like you’re away.

Living Room with Sunshine

The advantages of having a patio are pretty clear: it’s a good place to arrange the furniture on a clean, even surface so that it’s stabile and you don’t need to move it to mow the lawn. In a sense, the patio is like a living room outside. Ideally it’s adjacent to the house and close to the kitchen. A fixed or moveable covering will allow you protection from sun and rain. Having enough light in the garden and on the patio to accentuate some plants and that lasts into the evening allows you ample time to enjoy your evenings off in the outdoors.

Plan Ahead for Great Results

Visiting a gardening show or your friends’ gardens can help inspire you as you plan your patio. For a finalized and individualized plan it’s worth it to employ the expertise of garden and landscape experts so that you can avoid disappointments and problems. For example, a paved path to the patio requires a stabile foundation, otherwise the bricks or stones can sag and crack. Landscape designers are familiar with the fine details that go into patio construction. They can plan ahead for controlling water runoff and flooring that stays in place. Landscapers make great consultants for planning an automatic watering system or creating certain lighting effects.

No Garden Without Roses!

Roses are a necessary part of any garden for summer. They come in a wide variety, from small groundcover cultivars that can grow in containers to roses fit for flower beds and bush roses. Let’s not forget climbing roses and rose trees. Many roses are real eyecatchers in the fall when shiny rose hips form. Rose trees have a romantic effect and are ideal for summer on the patio. They can be planted in large pots so that you can enjoy their color and soft scent on the patio. Because roses have a deep root system, it’s important that you plant them in deep containers so that the roots have enough room.

Instant Color

Other woody plants and perennial herbs can be used to beautify a patio so long as their pots are sufficient in size. You can buy lots of kinds of blooming plants in containers, such as ornamental larkspurs or salvias. The plants offer instant color for your patio and when they’ve finished blooming, they can be planted in the garden. Woody plants offer a wide variety of species suitable for the patio. Hydrangeas, clematis, heather, and hibiscus plants are all great choices. You can even plant fruit bearing trees on your patio. Collonade (or columnar) fruit trees, depending on the cultivar, are about as tall as a person and stay compact, so they only need a little bit of space and are ideal for small or mobile gardens. With woody plants and perennial herbs enriching your patio, you can have the most beautiful and relaxing summer destination without having to pack your suitcase.


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