Now that the summer really starts, plants on the balcony or on the terrace have an increased need for water. But well-intentioned is not always right – who waters wrong, not only wastes water but in the worst case even harms the plants.

The right time is crucial

Early in the morning is the best time for irrigation. It is cool still and the water has enough time to penetrate the earth. Only then can it be absorbed by the roots instead of evaporating. Experts have calculated, that classic pouring with a jug and hose at the wrong time of the day could waste up to 90 percent of the water. If you water in the blazing sun and from above, you also run the risk of burning the leaves. Because water drops act like small magnifying glasses and can hurt the plants. Evening watering is also unfavorable because snails are attracted by moisture. If the leaves stay wet overnight, it also promotes the spread of fungal diseases.

Newly planted plants most often need water because their roots have not spread enough. Especially plants in pots or window boxes are susceptible to dryness damage due to the limited root area. If you have little time, often travel over the weekend or plan a vacation trip, should therefore make provision.

Irrigation systems for every need

Easiest, most efficient and easy is an irrigation system. Drip irrigation via a hose system allows the moisture to reach the plant directly. If it is controlled by a timer-controlled computer, watering in the early hours of the morning is easy. If the system is also connected to a sensor that measures soil moisture, the garden owner can sit back and relax. High-quality products are available for irrigation of boxes and tubs as well as for beds.
Especially for lawns underground systems are offered that do not interfere with mowing. A professional installation causes virtually no damage to the earth and shows the desired success within a short time.
If there is no water connection on a balcony or terrace, pots and boxes with double bottom and pantry should be used. This can provide the plant with water for a longer period if necessary, without standing in the wet.


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