Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, China rose, is a popular ornamental plant – and with good reason, for no matter where you place it, it creates a beautiful tropical atmosphere with its large, brightly-coloured single or double flowers. It is available in many colours, including white, yellow, pink, red, apricot, orange and two-tone. Its foliage is dark green and glossy, and can take many different forms.

Yet another reason for the great popularity of Hibiscus is that it is one of the few flowering houseplants that can tolerate the hot sun in a south-facing window. Hibiscus loves the sun, and grows best in a bright spot, or in direct sunlight.

Hibiscus: a fantastic, colourful garden plant with a tropical expression – even in Northern gardens

However, what many people may not know is that Hibiscus is also ideal for planting out in pots or directly in garden beds from June to August – preferably in a sunny, sheltered spot.

With an outdoor location, Hibiscus will slowly grow accustomed to temperatures as low as 10° C, so the plant will also thrive in the conservatory. If it is placed in a bright spot in the garden or patio, or on the balcony, Hibiscus will produce new flowers all summer.

From April to September Hibiscus should be given fertiliser once a week, and once a month for the rest of the year. It should be watered frequently during the summer months, and more sparingly in winter.


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