It is a good opportunity to plan the upcoming gardening season when the garden is in hibernation. What was particularly successful last summer? where could something be improved? What should be created?

Realize larger construction measures so that young and old can enjoy their own garden optimally. For example, a garden shed can do much more than just store gardening tools. It can be set up as a reading area or used as an outdoor kitchen. An attractive gazebo can give ambience to the garden or a particular area. For children, a cottage raised on stilts is an exciting place. Or should a climbing frame, a swing or a sandbox be built? With extensive planning, gardening and landscaping experts can help.

On frost-free days can already be planted.

Whether a shady tree, berry bushes for the snack garden or a hedge made of bamboo – most woody plants, grasses, perennials can always be planted in winter, as long as the soil is not too frozen.

Tree and shrub cut

Just before spring, it’s time to cut fruit trees and shrubs so many fruits can be harvested during the summer months.


Classic work during the cold season is also the cleaning and repair of paved areas. Especially in wet conditions, paths, stairs and terraces must provide sufficient sure-footedness. Landscaping companies offer to check and maintain technical installations such as lighting and irrigation. Those who have damage repaired at an early stage, can enjoy the first weeks of spring undisturbed in the garden again.


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