Spring magic in the air

As the days gradually grow longer and nature slowly wakes up after her winter hibernation, a sense of the coming spring begins to gather. There is magic in the air – spring magic!

One of the first tender signs of spring can be read in the animal behaviour that reflects the cycle of nature. Because if we look out the window, there is no doubt that insects are starting to crawl around out there, and that means that spring is just around the corner.

The spring colour palette

A sure winner from this spring’s colour palette is primrose or Primula vulgaris, which comes in a multitude of different types, colours and forms, and can already be purchased now at garden centres, florists and supermarkets. 

Emphasise the spring playfulness and joyful atmosphere of the flowers by placing them in pots decorated with a lively expression, created with interesting bits of wallpaper glued onto your vases or pots. You could also of course choose a more subdued expression, and put the flowers in a smart pot cover to match the coloured petals.

A nest of bright buttercups

Ranunculus, the buttercup, is another popular harbinger of spring, with filled flower buds in intense shades of white, yellow, orange, purple or red that make a powerful impression and awaken all the senses. Create your own little indoor spring potpourri with brightly-coloured buttercups planted in a woven basket like a little bird’s nest, and decorate with feathers.

Joyful Gerbera

Despite its bright, cheerful colour repertoire, a classic harbinger of spring such as Gerbera can easily be overlooked in the profusion available. But fortunately that can be changed, and a new expression is already making a big difference. 

Try reinventing Gerbera with a macramé technique, in which the plant, with the help of a knitted holder in modern colours, practically “floats”, creating magic in the air both literally and figuratively.

Hocus-pocus … crocus

Finally, there are the many lovely bulb flowers that can be planted out now, with which you can conjure spring right up to your door.


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