Create new life in your garden with outdoor kalanchoes. The range of the outdoor kalanchoe is a variety of exciting products for nordic gardens that only requires a minimum of care. The plants look brilliant in outdoor pots and beds. They have been picked in a way that makes them resistant to the typical nordic summer weather covering rain, wind, shadow to full sun and drought.

It doesn’t get any easier …

The flowers thrive best at temperatures of 5-35°C and therefore the plant will look fresh from the beginning of May until frost sets in. Unlike other summer flowers, you will not need to remove the small, withered flowers. You just leave them and they will blossom again and again until autumn.

You probably cannot believe that the care can get any easier but in fact, the outdoor kalanchoe does not need watering as a light dry-out is very ideal for this plant. The resilience of the plant makes it very ideal for use in summerhouses and other places where you are not able to provide daily care.


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