Now is planting time! If you want to let off steam, you can plant trees and shrubs in early spring, unless the soil is frozen. Garden owners who plant early bloomers can look forward to a very early start to the garden year.

Among the classic harbingers of spring is the forsythia, which, depending on the weather, heralds the garden year from March onwards with her bright yellow flowers. Many ornamental cherries are also included. For example for small gardens or as a container plant for balcony and terrace, the pink-flowering almond tree (Prunus triloba) is popular. Broom (Cytisus) is available from yellow to orange to red and purple. Light yellow shines from February until March in the witch hazel (witch hazel), lilac-pink flowers in March, the early spring alpine rose (Rhododendron praecox), various species of viburnum (Viburnum) close with their fragrant flowers. There is no lack of opportunities to make the spring garden attractive!

Make room!

In spring you can see the gaps in the garden very well and easily find the places that can be embellished with special plants. Underneath the house tree or in the shade of larger shrubs, planting with shadow shrubs might be an asset. When space is at a premium, climbing plants such as the filigree, flowering clematis are an attractive solution. They require little floor space, for example, when they are raised against a wall or a fence. Clematis can also grow on other plants, such as climbing roses or in the crowns of fruit trees. An original idea is to turn a piece of lawn into a bed. Depending on whether it is a rather shady or full sun, different plants come into question. Whether it is a bed of roses or a herbal spiral – both would be suitable for a sun-exposed area – a Heath Garden or a shadow bed with laurel (Leucothoe), Skimmien or Mahonien is ultimately a matter of taste.

But also the care of the soil is a big topic in spring. Weeds should be removed before they flower for the first time!

Tips for planting

It is worthwhile to go on an expedition in garden centers and nurseries: If you use the first mild days for planting after the winter, you can soon enjoy beautiful and striking spring bloomers in your own garden. The specialist trade now has a wide range of woody plants ready. Here you will find the right plants for your dream garden with individual advice.


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