It may not be spring yet, but with the happy Ranunculus, he is approaching fast. This flower is native to Central Asia but is planted in the Dutch nurseries as a tuber in the cold house. This happens in the fall and when the sun shines in February, the stems sprout with the flower buds from the plant and develop to full size.

Colors and shapes of ranunculus

Ranunculus (buttercup) comes in bright colors: white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. The ranunculus that we can buy today is the result of crosses and selections of Ranunculus asiaticus. In terms of shape you can choose between strong and lightly filled, unfilled or half-filled flowers.

Care Tips

So you can enjoy your Ranunculus longer.

  • Shorten the stems a little with a sharp knife;
  • Put the flowers in a clean vase in fresh tap water with cut flower food for onion flowers; do not pour too much water into the vase, because the hairy stalks cannot handle this well;
  • The ranunculus is thirsty, so fill the vase regularly and place it in a cool place without a draft.

Inspirational bouquet with ranunculus

For a beautiful, lush spring bouquet, combine a mix of different colored ranunculus with other spring flowers.

Symbolism of ranunculus

The ranunculus is a symbol of charm. In the Victorian era, the message of a ranunculus bouquet was, “I admire your many charms.”


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