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Grass, Sedge
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It’s hard to imagine having an eye-catching combination of plants without the characteristically gracious foliage of grasses. One of the most attractive of these comes from the sedge group (Carex). Not only does it create a mellow spot for relaxation amongst the blooming perennial beds, but it’s also a great structural element for cut-flower arrangements.

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Right about now, gardens begin to show the down side of consistently good summer weather: Previously lush green lawns now sprout brown patches and once fresh container plants droop towards the dirt – not unlike some gardeners, who find themselves spending most of their free time with a watering can. Luckily, there are other ways to beat the heat. Once you know these tricks of the trade for effective watering, you’ll save time and money for other pursuits. 

Roses, Scented Plants
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In the summer months, many plants regale us not just with an abundance of flowers, but also with their fragrance. Those who live for this sort of sensory experience should never do without scented plants. There is an array of plants, such as angels’ trumpets or ornamental tobacco that release intensive fragrance, above all during the evening hours. The vanilla-scented garden heliotrope smells good enough to bite into, as does honey-scented sweet alyssum. A garden of peppermint, lavender, thyme, chives, rosemary – it’s not just you palate that will enjoy these herbs; your nose will relish them, too.

Summertime Blooms
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One of the loveliest vacation spots is right nearby: your own garden! It’s ideal for relaxing and easily reached, at any time. During the warm months, there are scores of handsome, easy-care plants with ample flowers that create an unspoiled holiday atmosphere.

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Container gardens are mobile and can be creatively arranged, a different combination every time. Many plants thrive mightily in containers and bring flair to the balcony or patio that lends a Mediterranean feel. Due to their usually small volumes, plants that grow in pots dry out more rapidly and won’t necessarily make it through a hot, waterless weekend. Lavender much prefers dry to moist, relatively poor soil to rich, and is therefore ideal for balcony and terrace owners who don’t want to ply the watering can daily.

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Don’t forget the sunscreen ... is the recommendation when we sunbathe. But while we have to rub on creams to protect us from the sun's rays, there are other living things in the garden that thrive in the scorching summer sun. Many of the plants with which we surround ourselves in the garden in summer originally hail from southern climes, where strong sun and high temperatures are common and suntan lotion is not an issue.