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When most garden plants are hibernating, the Christmas Rose with its dark green foliage and radiant flowers provides colour in the winter garden. Purple, white, pink, pale yellow, black or spotted, Christmas roses are the must-haves this winter. Give them a place in the border or fill a couple of baskets.

Advent wreath_Euphorbia-cyclamen
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Advent calls for cosy hours with lots of creativity with the traditional Christmas decorations. Decorate your advent wreath with miniature plants and make your own Christmas atmosphere

The dark, windy and rainy evenings are true signs of the last season of the year.

Wintry Amaryllis


Wintry Amaryllis in a bowl
Long-living decoration for a round table
The shining red Amaryllis burgeon out of the brown-red base and give winter some colour, spreading their soothing warmth.