• Ohio State University - The Ohio Program, 'Bringing the green world together'
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The late summer ties its own beautiful bow on summer. Create lovely late summer experiences with seasonal plants in the mild hours on the terrace and in the garden. Make sure to maintain the entity when you compose your late summer decoration and hereafter you can add details that will ensure vibrant life in terms of choice of colours, shapes or differences in heights. With plants in strong and balanced colours you can create a fresh and elegant late summer expression. Place pink Celosia, roses and Chrysanths together on a little garden table and enjoy their happy colours.

gardening with children
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Children can learn so much from experiences in the garden. If you've ever climbed trees as a child yourself and played between branches and canopy, you probably recall the memory fondly. Playing in the garden isn't just a way for children to have fun, it's also a way for them to learn about the world of plants. A child-friendly garden should be more than just a playground. Children can learn how to identify plants by touching them and experimenting with them. Beginning in kindergarden, children can shed their shyness by connecting with the natural world and can soon learn to identify and name different plants and animals.

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Buildings with green rooftops return a bit of nature to an urban setting, thereby improving microclimates and reducing small particulate pollution. Green rooves are also lends excellent sound and temperature insulation to a home. Inhabitants can enjoy a reduction in their heating bill during the colder months and, in summer, the shade and evaporation effect of a green roof provides a noticeable cooling effect for the building.

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Light dishes are excellent for summer. The sun's already hot enough and you don't need as many calories to maintain body temperature. In summer we start to instinctively reach for lean meats, salads, fresh vegetables, and – last but not least – mushrooms. Mushrooms are great for summer meals.
Mushrooms provide us with a variety of vitamins and minerals that the body needs without overdoing it. With just 25 kcal or 103 kilojoules, mushrooms are low in energy and contain only 0.3 grams of fat for every 100 grams. With even fewer carbohydrates, mushrooms are ideal for getting a slim bikini body, and leave you feeling full and satisfied.