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Shade perennials
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Under trees and shrubs, where the sunbeams play, filtered by leaves into patches of light that dance over the ground, it’s pleasantly cool and there’s a deliciously secretive atmosphere — and the subtle differences between shades of green are better appreciated here than anywhere else. Shady places are anything but ‘problem areas.’ There’s a great variety of perennials that flourish in shady conditions.

Climbing Roses
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Fairytale images appear before our eyes in summer when blooming roses surround archways and doorways, forming a frame of flowers around windows and doors. The term “climbing rose” is actually a bit misleading, since the classic types can't climb up walls on their own like ivy or wild grapes do. Roses need support. To give your roses footing, they need a pergola or an espalier.

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The spicy, aromatic aroma and violet flowers of lavender can transform every garden into a bewitching oasis of wellbeing. For all that, it’s also a very humble garden inhabitant that doesn’t require much care.

garden design
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With some tricks and the right choice of plants, small areas can be made to appear much larger. The best way to do this is to follow a few rules of thumb when first designing a garden.

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When planning a rhododendron garden, one should set a color scheme in a timely manner. Landscapers recommend either to opt for a single color or to choose flower colors that stand in stark contrast to each other. A jumble of random, unplanned colors in a bed next to each other should be avoided.