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To get lush flowers grow from inconspicuous bulbs next spring, you have to put them in the ground within the next few weeks. Most spring bulbs such as tulips, crocus and daffodils are easy to maintain and remain at the same location where they spread by means of daughter bulbs creating a larger carpets of flowers each year.

small garden
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A thoughtful plan is a good thing wherever space is tight. Use careful forethought, a little design savvy, and the right plants to maximize a small growing space and make gorgeous impressions year-round.

Cyclamen persicum
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Thanks to new varieties and modern production methods, particularly small and low-growing types of cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum) have become great choices for growing outdoors in boxes or containers.

ornamental grasses
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With varying growth habits, sizes, forms, and colors, and a diversity of blossom, leaf, and blade structure, ornamental grasses are ideally suited to many different design ideas. They’re available in an array of color tones and shades: from bright red to gold, bronze, and silver to bluish and green.