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In einem sommerlich bepflanzten Garten dürfen Dahlien nicht fehlen. Kaum eine andere Sommerblume setzt so ausdrucksstarke Akzente wie die Dahlie – und das von Juli bis zum ersten Frost. Ihre Blüten sind, auf hoch gewachsenen Stielen thronend, selbst auf kleiner Fläche ein echter Hingucker. Da sie ursprünglich aus dem warmen Klima Mexikos stammt, vertragen Dahlienknollen keinen Frost und kommen erst jetzt im Frühling in die Gartenerde.

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Passiflora caerulea is a lovely houseplant in romantic rose and bluish mauve colours that not only brings life to the spring indoors but also creates an atmosphere of Mediterranean life on the patio throughout the summer.

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Buxus or ‘box’ is a garden hero! Lustrous green leaves all year round means that it provides permanent structure and colour. Perfect for hedging, either ornamental or functional, and it works just as well as a feature plant in a centered position. It’s also great in a container on the patio or next to a doorway.

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Petunia presents a true riot of colours with its vigorous stems, that nicely grows over the edge of the pot or the flower box and adds life and party atmosphere to outdoor living.

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Hydrangea is a garden classic that offers so many options from ground cover all the way through to trees – yes really! There is also a wide range of flower types offering a choice of styles to suit every situation. But why hydrangea is such a global favourite, is the fact that success is (virtually) guaranteed.