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Bird feeding
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This is the time of year, after many trees and shrubs have lost their leaves, to observe birds particularly closely. They’ll be particularly numerous at a birdhouse placed next to a window or in the yard. When feeding birds, consider the animals’ varying nutritional needs and you’ll draw even more winged guests to the feeding spot.

Evergreen plants
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From Evergreen to Wintergreen - Plants that don’t drop their leaves in wintertime are an important element in garden design. Coniferous and broad-leaved plantings will enhance the garden with needed color in winter and also lend it structure. Among these plants, distinctions are made between so-called evergreens, semi-evergreens, and wintergreens.

hedge by the foot
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Trees, bushes, and shrubs planted intentionally as so-called “green fences” will form a privacy shield that is at once decorative and space saving. Within just a brief span of time, it will become an attractive, year-round boundary line that protects your private sphere. An ideal solution here is purchasing a hedge by the foot.

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Making your own Christmas decorations is a great way to have some Christmas fun with the family. Create your own personal style with fresh and exciting Christmas plants. Plants are nature's own decorations, creating freshness and a lovely atmosphere in the living room. With the right accessories and a little imagination, plants can become miniature Christmas stories in themselves.

Corkscrew Hazel
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During the winter, different rules apply than in the warmer seasons – there are no abundant blossoms to attract the gaze, no beautifully colored foliage. Instead of the colors, it’s the forms of plants that structure the picture of the garden. Useful now are unusual accents such as the corkscrew hazel (Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’).

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Year after year, the poinsettia is the star of the Advent and Christmas season. From November onwards, it is impossible to imagine interior design without it, as it heralds the most contemplative time of the year in our homes. In the right place and with a few simple tricks, the brightly coloured bracts of the low-maintenance poinsettia can stay radiant long after Christmas time.