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The spicy, aromatic aroma and violet flowers of lavender can transform every garden into a bewitching oasis of wellbeing. For all that, it’s also a very humble garden inhabitant that doesn’t require much care.

garden design
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With some tricks and the right choice of plants, small areas can be made to appear much larger. The best way to do this is to follow a few rules of thumb when first designing a garden.

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When planning a rhododendron garden, one should set a color scheme in a timely manner. Landscapers recommend either to opt for a single color or to choose flower colors that stand in stark contrast to each other. A jumble of random, unplanned colors in a bed next to each other should be avoided.

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In the fourth month of the year the Ivy or Hedera is the Houseplant of the month. The Ivy is one of the most air purifying houseplants. It absorbs harmful substances out of the air and exchanges them for pure oxygen. In this way it improves the living and work environments for people and pets. The plant is also not difficult to look after, a real easy care product.

Garden Paths

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Befestigte Wege führen sicher und bequem durch den Garten. Wohlbedacht und richtig angelegt verleihen Wege dem Garten Struktur und einen individuellen Charakter – je nachdem, wie sie verlaufen und aus welchem Material sie bestehen.