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Spatiphyllum, Hedera
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Internationale Wohnzeitschriften präsentieren derzeit bevorzugt Wohnungen, in denen alles Grüne einen besonderen Platz in der Inneneinrichtung hat. Moderne Wohnungen in Großstädten, in Stadtvillen und Reihenhäusern ebenso wie rustikale Lofts mit kreativem Atelierambiente inspirieren Citysingles und Familien, auch im Haus mit der Natur als gestalterischem Element zu spielen. Grünpflanzen sind ein Wohntrend, der gute Möglichkeiten bietet, grüne Oasen in allen Räumen zu schaffen – im Wohnzimmer, in der Küche und in den Schlafräumen. Gleichzeitig kommt dies dem Raumklima zugute.

Winter Garden
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Planning ahead for the garden: every season enriches our existence in its own way. Those who have a garden can experience these changes particularly closely by selecting plants for their seasonal features. When establishing or renewing a garden, it’s possible to combine carefully chosen plants – with an eye for the right location – to have a continuous, year-round source of discovery and delight.

The Right Tree for My Property
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Finding the best tree for your personal garden isn’t so simple. You should carefully consider what to plant, since the tree will have a significant place in the garden and can’t be moved around as readily as other perennials or shrubs. It will be around for many years as a joyful presence and should appear handsome throughout the year.

Overwintering Container Plants
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In the past, few people could afford large, valuable container plants. They built splendid orangeries for their palms, lemon trees, oleander, and bay bushes. Plants from warm climates survived the frost in an overwintering house. These days, anyone can afford this service, without so much as needing a winter garden. Instead, the plants can overwinter with professionals.

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Our tip for cultivating a richly colored late fall with woody plants: the Liquidambar or sweet gum tree. It’s one of the last to lose its leaves as the year wanes. It’s almost as if it doesn’t want to give up the green gown that budded late in spring and now, in fall, gleams with glorious colors.

Englisch Heather
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Flowers in winter are seldom in the garden. English heather is the exception here. From October through April the blooms show their colors – red violet, pink, and white. While other plants blossom in spring and summer, its evergreen leaves cover the ground and make a reliably green background.