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Englisch Heather
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Flowers in winter are seldom in the garden. English heather is the exception here. From October through April the blooms show their colors – red violet, pink, and white. While other plants blossom in spring and summer, its evergreen leaves cover the ground and make a reliably green background.

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With narcissus, most people think of yellow. This is the color we most yearn for after winter, since it stands for sun and invariably for joy and good spirits. There are actually many narcissus in the sun’s color, but that hasn’t been the whole story for a while: some bloom in pure snow white, others in crème and orange tones, some even come in more than one color. But even that’s not all: next to the classic shape of the well-known daffodils there are, for example, also double petalled varieties and others with elegantly swept back petals, such as the reminiscent cyclamen narcissus.


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These days, garden roses come in an extensive variety of forms and colors, including pure blue and black. The blossoms can be single or clustered into different formations. According to their intended use, a suitable rose can be found for your garden. Growers distinguish between tea roses (tea hybrids), bedding roses (polyantha roses), ground-covering roses, and climbing or rambling roses. Today there are more than 30,000 known rose varieties … and, every year, new are added. Growers endeavor to develop new colors, fragrances, and forms, but there are also ongoing attempts to improve flower health and resistance to typical diseases such as mildew.

ornamental grasses
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With varying growth habits, sizes, forms, and colors, and a diversity of blossom, leaf, and blade structure, ornamental grasses are ideally suited to many different design ideas. They’re available in an array of color tones and shades: from bright red to gold, bronze, and silver to bluish and green.

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Tulips, clogs, cheese, windmills, caravans, and coffee shops — that’s what many people think of when they hear “Holland.” But at the center of attention stand tulips, since, without them, spring here isn’t spring at all. For decades, tulips have been among the most desirable of cut flowers and garden plants. They are hits on the export market from the Netherlands and to this day, 80 percent of the world’s production originates there.

Climbing plants
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Many city dwellers dream of their own garden, a cultivated retreat where they can escape the crowds, noise, and stress — even if it’s only a balcony, rooftop terrace, or courtyard. Climbing plants are particularly well suited to creating a green oasis in a small space. They nestle right up to bare walls, fences, or railings and quickly transform brick and concrete into a green room full of life.

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Pelargonium RED FOX Big EZEE is best plant introduction at Four Oaks Trade Show 2014.
The winners of the Four Oaks Trade Show Awards were presented on Tuesday evening at a packed reception hosted by Horticulture Week.