Good infrastructure and a lively cultural scene – persuasive arguments for city living. They have to be reconciled with a love of nature, however. Not only are there possibilities for experiencing nature with outings in and beyond the city limits, but there’s also potential in one’s own backyard.

Lawn-chair relaxation

Summery temperatures and long evenings beckon urbanites to linger outdoors, catching up with friends or just relaxing – a phenomenon that can be enjoyed not just in a city park, but also in one’s own yard. The advantage of having a green refuge is privacy, plain and simple. Kids or grandkids can play, adults feel at ease without bothersome views. Also, hot days feel much more bearable here. That’s because greenscapes, even small ones, have a strong effect on the microclimate: in cities that heat up a couple degrees hotter than their surroundings on sultry summer days, shady trees and plantings have a cooling effect. Particularly in this time of climate change, it’s particularly worthwhile to ensure that the elderly enjoy a refreshing, green oasis.

Individual solutions

Whether singles or parents, old or young – for anyone who harbors the fear that tending a garden takes too much effort, they’ll find a wealth of advice from a landscape gardening company. Professionals know how to make garden dreams into a reality without making a space that has to be constantly mowed or weeded. You’ll be able to specify from the get-go how much time per day, week, and month you want to invest in your yard. Those who dream of their own herb garden, pond, or stand of shrubs will probably also enjoy the work of tending to them. Those who work full time, however, or travel frequently or have other time-consuming hobbies will be helped to fit their garden to their specific habits. Many people think that a lawn is the least complicated form of a garden, but they underestimate the frequency with which it will have to be mowed. By contrast, an arrangement of hedges, shrubs, and groundcovers framing a patio requires much less maintenance. Woody plants selected for a particular spot create a variable, natural ambiance and only have to be pruned once or twice a year.

Over the rooftops

Individual solutions are also the name of the game in rooftop gardening. High over the ruckus of the city, you can have space to sit peacefully, barbecue, and stargaze. Choose plants thoughtfully, however, since the sun’s rays are particularly strong up here. Water requirements can also be high. In order to save yourself the effort of frequent watering, it might prove worthwhile to have an automatic irrigation system installed.


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