Almost everyone knows the Pelargonium, but the Regal Pelargonium is less well-known. This plant is known by its large trumpet-shaped flowers, which give it its name grandiflorum, and the velvety, serrated leaves.

Regal Pelargonium production

The Regal Pelargonium originates from South Africa and belongs to the Geraniaceae family, the cranesbill or storksbill family. How did this family get its special name? The name Pelargonium originates from the Greek ‘pelargos’ which means stork and refers to the mouth of the seed pod on the Regal Pelargonium.

What should you look out for when buying Regal Pelargonium?

  • Pot size and plant shape. When buying Regal Pelargonium it is important to check the pot size, the diameter of the plant, number of flower sprays and the shape, from small pot size to plants on a stem.
  • Health. The plants must not have any pests or diseases.
  • Leaf and flower. Make sure that the flowers aren’t too mature and that the plant doesn’t have any yellow leaves. These will make the plant less attractive and therefore more difficult to sell.
  • Mould. When there has been too much condensation between the leaves or on the flowers and for too long, Botrytis can emerge, a mould which will quickly and badly affect the decorative value of the plant.

Range of Regal Pelargoniums

The range of Regal Pelargoniums is colourful and varied in regard to flower and leaf shapes. In most cases, the plants are not traded by cultivar name but by colour or colour mix. The colours vary from pure white to deep purple and from salmon coloured to dark red. There are also many bi- and multi-coloured varieties. The plants are available on a stem, in larger or smaller pot sizes – a minimum of 12cm and a maximum of 17cm.

Care tips

Give the plants regular water, directly onto the soil and give them plant food once every two weeks to produce an abundance of flowers. The Regal Pelargonium likes to be in a light position and can go outside as soon as the night frosts have disappeared. To continue flowering, the plant needs a minimum of four hours direct sunlight per day. The removal of dead flowers will encourage the production of new buds.

Creative tips for the Regal Pelargonium

The Regal Pelargonium is the perfect plant for Mother’s Day because of its lovely flower colours, full appearance and easy care. In combination with a pretty coloured pot, which matches the lovely colours of this houseplant, it is pure pleasure! The Regal Pelargonium is both subdued and striking in a sturdy stone pot. It’s not difficult to make a good impression with it. Source: BBH


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