The lush peony is the harbinger of summer. It is mainly available for sale in May and June. This makes this flower extra special. Did you know that there are at least a thousand different varieties of peony available, in a range of shapes and colours?

For example, with a single row of flower petals, semi-double or double flowers. You will also enjoy their lovely range of colours as they are available in yellow, white, pink and red.


Of course a lovely flower must have lovely symbolism, so the peony stands for love, a happy life and good health. These are things we would all like to have in our home.


Before the peony was brought to Europe in 1784, the flower had already grown for years in China. They were not only grown for their flowers but most of all for the roots, because of their fever-reducing and haemostatic properties.

Caring for the peony

This is how you will enjoy your peonies for a long time: 

  • Cut five centimetres of the stem. 
  • Place the peonies in clean water and in a clean vase. 
  • Refill the vase if the flowers drink a lot of water. 
  • Don’t place the vase in full sun, in a draught, or next to the fruit bowl.

Bouquet inspiration

Beautiful, a big bunch of peonies. The flower combines really well with seasonal flowers such as the spray rose, alstroemeria and the lisanthus.


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