High growing perennials easily lose their footing in strong winds or heavy rain showers. Stalks are ruffled, flowers bent – pity about the beautiful splendor.

You should therefore prepare the perennials with suitable holders. If the plants are still low, the shoots grow into the construction and perennial retains its natural habit. Later, when the stalks have to be forced into the mold, this is not so easy anymore.
You can get support helpers in different materials and forms, many serve as support and decoration at the same time.

You can easily manifacture perennial holders from brushwood yourself, fast and easy. The upright sticks should be about one-third shorter than the height of the plant growth. Place them around the perennial forming a ring. After a few weeks, the support has grown in and is naturally interwoven with the plant.

And do not forget: in the well-planned perennial bed, stable neighboring plants – to which high-growing perennials can lean on – make additional supporting aids often unnecessary.


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