With potted plants, your own balcony becomes a paradise full of summer pleasures, whether it is classic red geraniums, a mixture of pink, violet and white petunias or strawberries between herb pots.  After the cold season, some can hardly wait to finally enjoy the rich colors and sweet scents of summer flowers. It is worthwhile, however, to wait for the ice saints, because freshly planted balcony plants are still sensitive. To make sure that they are not damaged, it is advisable to start planting only at the end of May after the last night frosts.

Sun, shade or wind

When selecting plants, it is important to consider their later location. If the balcony or the terrace on the south side, you have mostly full sun all day. Recommended here are warmth-loving plants such as geraniums, petunias, surfines and verbenas. Citrus shrubs, hibiscus, oleander and clematis that are planted in tubs are also ideal for sunny locations. For them, however, regular watering, once in the morning, once in the evening, is especially important. To make life easier, try the balcony gardening with boxes that store water, or with automatic irrigation. On a balcony that is shady or partially shaded, some plants have the problem of having few flowers. The right choice also helps here: Fuchsia, tuber begonia, lobelia and hard-bitten Lieschen can blossom lush even in low direct sunlight. Unprotected balconies that are exposed to a lot of wind should be beautified with robust plants – such as geraniums, but also sun hat, shrub marguerites and maiden eyes.

Provided for the whole season

If you want to reuse old planters, boxes and tubs, you should first clean them to prevent fungal infestation. Limescale can be removed with vinegar cleaner. It is perfect to cover the water drainage holes with a fleece or potsherds before planting so that the soil does not fall out later. Since flowering and fruit-bearing plants need a lot of water, a drainage layer on the bottom of the pot, for example, made of expanded clay, is recommended. Over it some earth is strewn. For a lush flowering balcony, fertilizer is essential. Long-term fertilizer can be applied directly before planting – for example in spherical form.


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