Petunia presents a true riot of colours with its vigorous stems, that nicely grows over the edge of the pot or the flower box and adds life and a party atmosphere to outdoor living.

Petunia covers a wide range of sorts in several colours and sizes, which can be categorised in large-flowered and multi-coloured. All are known for their luxuriance and richness of colours and each year new sorts comes along and will add a different expression to the garden, the terrace or the balcony.

Pots full of colour

Petunia are popular elements in the summer pots and flower boxes where they will blossom again and again given the right care and placing. Make sure the plants will have enough soil and space when planting. When they start to grow they will need enough space to evolve. Plant them in colourful pots, tubs or in flower boxes in matching colours to underline the happy and coloured look.

A sun-worshipper

Petunia thrives with much light and can be placed in full sun to enhance the growth and the flowering. If they get too loose or too thin, you may have to cut them back. Because of the continuous flowering, Petunia must be watered and fertilized on a regular basis. And if the weather gets warmer you may have to increase the dose.

Party with Petunia

So if you follow a few instructions you can watch your Petunia party in their pots and on the balcony during the entire summer. (Floradania)


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