The lisianthus is loved for its authentic, natural flowers and its many colours. In addition, it stays lovely for a long time. This charming beauty originates from the American states of Texas, Nebraska, Nevada and Colorado. The lisianthus grows naturally along river beds and on prairies. Because it belongs to the Gentian family, it is also called the prairie gentian. The lisianthus has been bred in Japan; that is where it gets the name “Japanese rose”.

Lisianthus colours and shapes

The lisianthus is available in white, red, blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange and bi-coloured and multi-coloured. Single flowering and double flowering lisianthus varieties are grown and each year, new varieties are brought onto the market.

Care tips

  • cut the stems diagonally off at the bottom. Use a sharp, clean knife
  • remove any excess leaves, so that no leaves hang in the water
  • give the lisianthus a clean glass vase with clean water and use cut flower food
  • refill the vase regularly: lisianthus needs lots of water because of their delicate petals, the flowers evaporate water quickly, so don’t place them in the sun or near other sources of heat. Also, don’t place the lisianthus in a draught or near the fruit bowl.


The symbolism of the lisianthus

The charming lisianthus is a powerful symbol of appreciation, gratefulness and charisma. A lovely gift then, and also to show your love.BBH)


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