A bloom all summer long!
They are a true feast for the eyes! Lush flower cascades from hanging baskets easily become an ongoing summer wonder when you consider a few things when planning and planting them.

They really develop gorgeously, but only at a sunny place. The site should be sheltered from the wind and easily accessible for frequent watering. A balanced combination of plants gives the basket a harmonic spherical shape. An upright but not too high growing plant should be placed in the middle, hanging growing summer flowers belong to the edge.

When you purchase the plants, ensure that the plants look healthy and well maintained and combine plants that have similar needs and preferences. The choice for a high-quality potting soil balcony pays off. Good soil stores water better and already contains nutrients for the first four to six weeks. For the time after that, you add fertilizer to the soil.

And this is how to plant:

Initially place the plants’ bales in water, until no more air bubbles are rising.
A layer of clay granules placed at the bottom of the container to prevent waterlogging.
Fill the pot with three-quarters of soil, which is subsequently mixed with fertilizer according to dosage instructions.
The plant for the center is set first and then arrange the hanging flowers around. All cavities are now filled with earth and well compacted.
Provide a watering gap of about 1 to 1 1/2 inches (2 to 3cm) to the edge of the container. (Photo: GMH/BVE)


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