The power of the gerbera? That is, without doubt, its fresh color and playful shape. With gerberas, you bring a large dose of happiness into your home. This flower also suits any form of styling or event, so gerberas are suitable for any occasion! The gerbera is an odorless flower that originates in South Africa, Asia, South America and Tasmania.

Colors and shapes

If you say ‘gerbera’, you are saying ‘color’! The basic colors of gerbera are white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green. The flower may also consist of two colors, multiple colors or a range of colors derived from the basic colors. The beautiful center of this flower can be black or green. To summarise: there is plenty of choice of colour. The shape is downright cheerful. Have you noticed that when a child draws a flower, it is in the shape of the gerbera?

Care tips

This will ensure that the flowers remain beautiful for a long time.

  • Cut off part of the stem using a sharp knife.
  • Use a clean (glass) vase and fill it with around 7 cm of water. Use cut flower food for a mixed bouquet.
  • Make sure that the ambient temperature is correct (maximum of 20°C).
  • Don’t place gerberas in a draught, in direct sunlight, by the fire or next to the fruit bowl.

The gerbera doesn’t have a symbolic meaning, but with its colorful and sunny appearance, the flower stands for cheerful and cozy. Its presence means “You make everything better!”

Bouquet inspiration with gerberas

If you are looking for a unique style icon for your room, the gerbera will allow you to kill several birds with one stone! Place several sturdy vases next to one another and place one or two gerberas in each one, giving a beautiful, sleek image. Or opt for a sturdy dish in which you combine the gerbera with fritillaria meleagris (otherwise known as fritillary), asparagus, lilac, and rose.

You may also opt for the no-nonsense simplicity of a glass vase, in which you make your own bouquet of gerberas with freesia, chrysanthemum and chaenomeles japonica, or ask your florist to do it for you. A beautiful end result guaranteed!


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