When temperatures rise slowly and the sun gains strength, hobby gardeners have a lot to do.

Vegetable beds

If you want to plant your vegetable patch, you should prepare the soil well in spring, preferably on frost-free and dry days. The soil must not be wet so that no heavy moist clods get caught on the garden tools. If you have not cleared your bed in fall, you must now remove dried plant material. The soil should be loosened – preferably with a bar spade – to preserve the soil structure and soil life in the upper soil layer.

Especially vegetables extract a lot of nutrients from the soil. Before the bed is re-fertilized, a soil sample can be taken. If you do not send your samples directly to a laboratory, you can have the nutrients tested in your soil sample at the specialist retailer. About a week before planting new vegetable seedlings, it is advisable to introduce the fertilizer. By the way, tomatoes and cucumbers are really heavy eaters and need a lot of nitrogen, but beans and peas are among the weak-eaters.

In the specialized stores, many different vegetable young plants are offered. It is still the right time to seed vegetable seeds as well as ornamental plants. Ideally, special potting soil and seed trays are used, which are offered with a suitable lid. This gives a tense atmosphere that contributes to successful germination. Delicate sowings are pre-cultivated in the house. In March, robust varieties can be sown directly into the bed.


The lawn needs special care again in the spring. Deciduous moss and coarse moss felt should be removed with a rake before the first lawn mow. At the “first time” in the new year advises the turf expert only “once cut tips”. Thereafter, regularly every 10 to 7 days can be mowed according to habit and use of the lawn. Lawns should be fertilized with a nitrogen-rich lawn fertilizer in the spring. Ten to fourteen days later, the area is scarred to better aerate the soil.

…and also

Many ornamental shrubs and roses are freshly cut in the spring. New plantings can now also be carried out. Window boxes and tubs can now be planted with tulips, daffodils etc..

Potted plants that are still in winter quarters now need special attention. Geranium, for example, are the first new shoots. Now it’s time for a spring cutback, if necessary, be repotted. The first robust potted plants can already move to a sheltered place to the outside


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