Would’nt it be nice to surprise your sweetheart, your colleague or a good friend with flowers or a flowering potted plant before the start of the weekend and say “I love you” or “I thought of you”?

With flowers can be expressed in an individual way “You are something very special for me”. Valentine’s Day on February 14th offers a good opportunity for that. The tradition goes back to Bishop Valentin, who is said to have given flowers from his garden in Terni, Italy, to newly-married couples. In the 17th century, it was customary among men in England’s high society to give away flowers as a sign of love.

For lovers, red roses are at the top of their wish list on Valentine’s Day to bring their own personal declaration of love. A bouquet of tones tone-on-tone or in your favorite color can emphasize the message “thank you”, “I think of you” or “get well soon” for colleagues, friends and acquaintances, and will definitely put a smile on the face of the person recipient.

But not only cut flowers make hearts beat faster. How about giving decorative houseplants for Valentine’s Day? Especially now in the cold season, many a plant friend misses his garden with flowering trees, shrubs and bedding plants. Some indoor plants present themselves at their best during the winter months and enchant us with their colorful flowers.

For example, azaleas offer lavish flowers that bloom in white and pink, but also in many reds and purples. In addition to the classic growth form, gardeners also cultivate azaleas as high stems or pyramids. Tone-on-tone azaleas can be decorated at the window with primroses and hyacinths or with cyclamen. Even noble orchids as potted plants are a welcome gift. With a suitable vessel or planter, the flowering houseplant comes into its own and can be placed directly. Week-long joy is guranteed!


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