Bellis is a lovely herald of spring with compact flowers in red, rose and white that will match your favourite  colour universe perfectly. With Bellis, you can add a new sense of freshness to your home. Bellis can be used both inside and outside and is a multiannual plant and so, after having bought them, you can enjoy these new plants for a long time.

When the outside temperature is no longer below zero, Bellis prefers a sunny position and this will give joy to the house owners and their guests. Create a nice greeting decoration and arrange Bellis in a basket outside the front door or arrange more plants on a tray or together with other colour loving plants in matching or contrast shades on the terrace or at the balcony. The result will surely be fresh, extravagant and springlike.

You can also use Bellis as a table decoration for the many lovely feasts and parties during spring time or you can create a little spring decoration for the coffee table, the shelf or the window sill. Bellis must be placed in a bright and sunny position and kept moist when placed inside. The plants must be fertilized 1 or 2 times during spring.


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